EasyAds classified ads script is GDPR ready!

The GDPR takes effect on the 25th May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR takes effect this week on the 25th May 2018 and EasyAds is ready. This law applies to the collection of information belonging to any citizen of the European Union EU, even if the collection of such data takes place outside of that area. The laws have been drafted to protect the privacy of these citizens. They cover privacy, data collection, data control and governance. The fines for breaking these regulations are high and will be calculated on the revenue of the offending organization. The fines could run into millions of Euros.

We’ve Covered the Technical Issues

We understand that our users cannot take the chance of falling foul of this law, putting at risk the reputation and revenue of the company. From a technical standpoint, we have you covered. All the main points that could get your organization into trouble have been dealt with in the latest version, Version 1.4, of our software.

This is how we are helping you to ensure that you are compliant: –

-Customers have the Right to Be Forgotten – Data cannot be kept indefinitely. EU citizens have the right to insist that you delete all the information that you have collected about them. The EasyAds system goes one step further. It allows all users to completely remove everything that they have ever loaded onto the site. This includes information, photos and media content.

– Customers Have the Right to Data Portability – all users can download their data onto a CSV file and take it along with them. They can also trace the location of any information that they have loaded.

– Customers have the Right to Access the Information – All EasyAds users can access and modify their information any time that they wish.

– Consent – The new laws require that customers must explicitly opt-in to allow for the collection of data. Our system takes account of that as well. New users will have to give their consent to the terms and conditions as set out by the administrator on the application.

– Age Requirements – access is denied to all people under minimum age set in the admin. All new users must complete the application form and it requires a birth date. All current accounts also contain a birth date.

– Breach Notifications – the law requires that a breach of the regulations must be reported within seventy-two hours of discovering that breach. The administrator of your account has access to all customer information and can send out mass notifications informing everyone on your mailing list of the breach.

– Designed for privacy – EasyAds protects your privacy with its many features that ensure that the information is not breached, and the system security ensures the integrity of the information by protecting it against attacks and flaws. Customizable access also means that you can manage the data access of your employees.

Some Simple Steps to Pave the Way

Remember however that your existing customers have the same rights enjoyed by the new customers, so if they have not been covered by the requirements above you should send them the forms that are required to comply. Delete from the system any information that you no longer need or use.

Our platform has been modified to cover your data issues when the GDPR comes into force, but you will need to cover other issues yourself.

You must understand the law and how it affects your business. Make a documented risk assessment and a roadmap to ensure compliance. You should know and understand what data is regulated, who gets to see it, and what applications are used to process the data. Review all of your policies and procedures and ensure that security of information is beefed up. Make sure that your organization has a privacy policy, compliance officers will want to see it.

Up until now, companies have sought to collect as much data about their clients as they could but it is thought that the new laws will encourage companies to reduce the amount of information that they garner from their clients. Companies can still use this information to examine trends, but only on condition that the information is not traceable to individuals, and they may not use information that is in any way discriminatory.

The new regulations take force this month. Be prepared, and use our software with confidence